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you can't change things

well have you ever just one day had an epiphany & realized you were taking things the wrong way... you perceived them different from reality.


realizing that the person you like feels that way about someone else

I'm going to be 19 years old in 4 days... & i've never been good enough.
it kills me to know that all the horrible mean, slutty, cheating ect girls in the world can get a guy... but i can't

I'm nice... not high maintance... not too ugly... could stand to loose a little weight... i would never cheat... and i know how to treat a guy

but apparently i'm doing something wrong I feel like such a loser... i'm always good enough for the friend... but never anymore

Not that i think i need a guy or that i need someone to validate me or anything like that.... but I'm lonely

I love making ppl happy. That feeling you get when you do something for someone and they are happy. that person you know sooo much about. you are always there for each other

I'm coming to except the fact that i've never been good enough and never will be... it's hard but i'll i have too

i can't change things i have to live with them... and well that's the hard facts
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